The Changing Nature of Cartoons in America

July 14, 2022  • Aspen Community Programs

Featuring The New Yorker Cartoon Editor Emma Allen in conversation with Artnet News National Art Critic Ben Davis. Since Emma Allen’s tenure began as The New Yorker’s fourth-ever cartoon editor in 2017, she has brought in a multitude of new voices. Though cartoons appeared in the magazine’s very first issue, in 1925, a lot has changed in the past century of cartooning and humor. Allen and Davis will discuss the many shifts in those fields from taste and style to following the lightning-speed news cycle.

Emma Allen is the Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker, and edits humor on She has been a member of the magazine’s editorial staff since 2012 and has written more than a hundred stories for the publication on a wide range of topics. In addition to editing cartoons for the magazine, and written humor and comics online, Emma works with The New Yorker Radio Hour to produce humor adaptations for the air, and alongside Condé Nast Entertainment to publish comedy videos.