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Connecting People to Work: Workforce Intermediaries and Sector Strategies

June 16, 2014

The past decade has seen substantial economic change and tremendous innovation within organizations seeking to help workers navigate these changes. Ten years after the release of Workforce Intermediaries for the 21st Century, the sector-based workforce development field has made a demonstrable difference for struggling workers seeking to connect to employment. Challenges still remain, but much has been learned.

Maureen Conway and Robert P. Giloth deliver a robust collection, bringing together perspectives from philanthropy, policy, research, and practice, and setting out how sector-based workforce development has evolved over thirty years, with a special focus on the past ten. The book brings together the thinking of some of these leaders in the field about how the sector strategy can evolve and inform public and private investments and policy decisions. This volume is sure to provoke timely reflection among practitioners, policy makers, investors, and researchers, as well as lay readers. 

Maureen Conway, vice president, the Aspen Institute and editor of “Connecting People to Work”

Featured speakers:
Robert Giloth, vice president, Annie E. Casey Foundation and Editor of Connecting People to Work
Christopher King, senior research scientist and director, Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources
Sheila Maguire, workforce development consultant, Sheila Maguire Consulting
Andy Van Kleunen, Executive Director, National Skills Coalition