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What Constitutes a ‘Good Job’, and How Can We Create More of Them?

June 28, 2017  • Economic Opportunities Program & Business and Society Program

“Our people are our most important asset” is a common refrain from the C-suite — but does the walk match the talk? For decades, working Americans have seen rising living expenses and flat paychecks, resulting in widespread financial stress among American families, communities, and the nation. What constitutes a “good job”? What roles should business and government play in creating them?

This conversation is led by Economic Opportunities Program in collaboration with Business and Society Program.


Featured Speakers

Clara Miller

Nadia Rawlinson

David Rolf

Andy Unanue



Maureen Conway @Conway_Maureen
Vice President for Policy Programs, The Aspen Institute @Aspen Institute
Executive Director, Economic Opportunities Program @AspenWorkforce

Judith Samuelson @JudySamuelson
Vice President, The Aspen Institute @AspenInstitute
Executive Director, Business and Society Program @AspenBizSociety


This panel discussion took place at the 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival. To learn more, visit


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