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Conversation with MEP Fellows from Libya

July 9, 2013

In the spring of 2013, Middle East Programs at the Aspen Institute hosted two fellows from Libya in partnership with the Syracuse University-MEPI Leaders for Democracy Program. During their time at Aspen, Ahmed Amer and Ahmed Mneina worked on supporting Partners for a New Beginning’s Libya portfolio, building out strategies for entrepreneurship and higher education. Both have returned to Benghazi and remain partners of Middle East Programs and Partners for a New Beginning.
Ahmed Amer is a program and operations coordinator and IT manager at Creative Associates International’s Benghazi office. Since graduating with a degree in Industrial and Manufacturing systems engineering in 2006, he has served as program manager for numerous infrastructure projects, from storm water drainage to containing water supply systems in sprawled settlements. Amer also served as operations management officer for the National Transitional Council in Libya, supporting the executive board in its mission.
Ahmed Mneina is a teaching assistant of civil engineering at Benghazi University. He has a strong passion for incorporating engineers into civil society. Through his work with Engineers for Libya, he has attended to the restoration of vital government buildings, such as police departments and schools. Mneina participated in the Citizens for Peace and Justice Conference in Tunisia as well as the “Arab Spring: Youth Participation for the Promotion of Peace” symposium, and he has been involved with and attended several workshops sponsored by the European Union on educating young leaders in civic engagement.