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Counterterrorism and the Media

July 20, 2013

What role does the media play in covering terrorism? Where should the line be drawn between the need for government to keep certain things secret and the public’s right to know what government is doing in its name?

P.J. Crowley, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs; Fellow and Professor of Practice, Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, The George Washington University
Dan Klaidman, Author, Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency; National Political Correspondent, Newsweek and The Daily Beast
Mark Mazzetti, Author, The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth; National Security Correspondent, The New York Times
MODERATOR: Kimberly Dozier, Author, Breathing the Fire: Fighting to Report and Get Back to the Fight