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Watch: Food is Medicine Research Action Plan Webinar

January 27, 2022  • Food and Society Program

The Future of Food is Medicine Research from CHLP on Vimeo.

Emerging research supports a powerful role for nutrition in helping to prevent, manage, and treat diet-related chronic disease – but there’s far more to learn. Food & Society at the Aspen Institute and the Harvard Law School Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation launched the Food is Medicine Research Action Plan on January 27, 2022. With generous support from the Walmart Foundation, the Research Action Plan was developed over the course of 18 months of stakeholder engagement and guided by a group of expert advisors. It puts forward 26 recommendations to guide the next decade of equity-centered, purposeful, translatable research in the Food is Medicine field and contains a comprehensive overview of the peer-reviewed research on food and nutrition interventions like medically tailored meals, medically tailored groceries, and produce prescriptions. When it comes to integrating food access into our health care system, the Food is Medicine Research Action Plan describes the coordinated effort and investment that will build the evidence base for meaningful change.

Featured Speakers

Corby Kummer, Executive Director, Food & Society, Aspen Institute
Jim McGovern, Congressman, Congressman for the 2nd District of Massachusetts
Pamela Schwartz, MPH, Executive Director for Community Health, Kaiser Permanente
Trina Ragain, MSPH, Director of Policy & Innovation, Operation Food Search

Moderated by: Sarah Downer, JD, Associate Director, Whole Person Care, Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School