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Healthcare Hotspotting: Innovative Approaches to Caring for Super-Utilizers

September 16, 2014

Healthcare Hotspotting: Innovative Approaches to Caring for Super-Utilizers (See Dr. Brenner’s Power Point)

Dr. Brenner is Executive Director of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, which he founded in 2003. Through the Camden Coalition, hospitals, providers, and community residents are working together to build an integrated, health delivery model for Camden residents.

Trained as a family physician, Dr. Brenner previously operated an urban family medicine solo practice, primarily serving an Hispanic population insured by Medicaid. He is also Medical Director of the Urban Health Institute at Cooper University Healthcare, which uses modern business techniques to deliver better care to underserved populations at lower cost.

Dr. Brenner’s work was profiled by New Yorker writer Atul Gawande, MD, in “The Hot Spotters” (1/24/11) and in an episode of PBS Frontline (7/27/11). In 2013, he was designated a MacArthur Foundation Fellow.

The City of Camden is one of America’s poorest cities. For the last twelve years, the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers has been working to build a citywide coalition to improve the quality, capacity, and accessibility of healthcare services while reducing costs. Driven by a homegrown patient-level database with twelve years of longitudinal hospital claims records for every city resident, the Coalition has worked methodically to redesign how healthcare is delivered and target services to the most costly and complex patients. The Coalition efforts include a combination of clinical redesign, a citywide Health Information Exchange, outreach projects targeted to the highest cost patients, patient education programs, and community organizing.