Employment and Jobs

How Coworker.org gives voice to workers and potential to data

February 20, 2018  • Jess Kutch

Jess Kutch, a member of the Aspen Institute Job Quality Fellowship, explains Coworker.org offers a platform for workers to describe their experiences at work and identify data trends. The Job Quality Fellowship, led by the Economic Opportunities Program, brings together innovators from differing lines of work who are engaged in work that expands the availability of better quality jobs in our economy. Learn more at as.pn/jobquality.

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Employment and Jobs
An Interview with Job Quality Fellow Jess Kutch
February 20, 2018 • Jess Kutch & 1 more


@teamcoworker makes it easy for co-workers and peers to come together to advocate for change in their work places. #AspenJobQuality Fellow @jess_kutch tells us more.

How can employees effect change in the workplace? #AspenJobQuality Fellow @jess_kutch cites @teamcoworker as a way to help millions create quality jobs.