How Loans Sales Can Boost Lending to Low-Income Communities (Video)

October 18, 2021  • Business Ownership Initiative

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are mission-focused lenders that work to serve low-income communities. But because CDFIs aren’t motivated by profits, and their own resources are limited, they often can’t meet the demand for loans in their area. How can we boost their capacity and accelerate lending to small businesses in underserved communities? By creating a secondary market for small business loans, we can expand the capacity of CDFIs and give more entrepreneurs the support they need. This is what the Entrepreneur Backed Assets (EBA) Fund aims to do. EBA Fund is a collaborative effort by the Aspen Institute’s Business Ownership Initiative, Revolve Capital, and the Microfinance Impact Collaborative. Learn more about EBA Fund.


How can we get more capital to #entrepreneurs in low-income communities? Let’s start with community development financial institutions (#CDFIs).

How can we help community development financial institutions (#CDFIs) accelerate lending to #smallbiz in underserved communities? @EBAFund is working to do that. Learn more.

Community development financial institutions (#CDFIs) play a major role in financing #entrepreneurs of color and those in low-income communities. How can we expand their capacity? Learn more from @Aspen_BOI and @EBAFund.

By creating a secondary market for #smallbiz loans, we can expand the capacity of community development financial institutions (#CDFIs) and give more #entrepreneurs the support they need. Learn more from @EBAFund and @Aspen_BOI.

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