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“How We Show Up” Book Talk with Mia Birdsong

July 28, 2020  • Aspen Ideas: Health

In her provocative new work, How We Show Up, community curator and activist Mia Birdsong shows that what separates us isn’t only the ever-present injustices built around race, class, gender, values, and beliefs, but also the denial of our interdependence and need for belonging. Through research, interviews, and stories of lived experience, the book challenges us to return to our inherent connectedness where we find strength, safety, and support in vulnerability and generosity, in asking for help, and in being accountable. Join Mia Birdsong for an Aspen Ideas: Health book talk on July 28 to discuss how we can show up -literally and figuratively- for one another and for ourselves in order to achieve a more liberated well-being. The 30-minute conversation will include time for audience Q&A, so please come with your questions for the author.


Mia Birdsong
​Author, “How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community”

Mia is a pathfinder, community curator, and storyteller who steadily engages the leadership and wisdom of people experiencing injustice to chart new visions of American life. In her book “How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community,” Mia charts swaths of community life and points us toward the promise of our collective vitality. In her podcast “More Than Enough,” she expands the current guaranteed income movement by tapping into the voices and visions of low-income people. Her public conversations, like the New America series centering Black women as agents of change and her 2015 TED talk “The Story We Tell About Poverty Isn’t True,” draw attention to the stories of people who are finding their way into leadership roles despite myriad barriers, while also highlighting the vibrant terrain of all marginalized people who are leading on the ground. Mia is a Senior Fellow of the Economic Security Project and was an Aspen Ascend Fellow and a New American California Fellow.