National Security

CENTCOM Review: Turmoil in the Mideast and Southwest Asia and Its Implications for American Security

July 23, 2013

A tour d’horizon of the Mideast and Southwest Asia with the former Commander of U.S. forces in the region. From the political crisis in Egypt; to the civil war in Syria, with spillover effects in Lebanon and Jordan; to instability in Turkey and Bahrain; to transition in Qatar; to the nuclear standoff with Iran; to the potential for restarted peace talks between Israelis and the Palestinians; to the end of the war in Iraq; and the prospect of the war’s end in Afghanistan, diplomatic policymakers, intelligence analysts, and Pentagon planners are working overtime to try to make sense of developments. General Mattis gives us his perspective on these critical issues and how they affect America’s security.

FEATURING: Gen. James N. Mattis (Ret.), Former Commander, U.S. Central Command; Former Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command; Former Commander, NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation

MODERATOR: Wolf Blitzer, Host, “The Situation Room,” CNN