National Security

Jeh Johnson: ‘We have to anticipate the next attack, not the last one.’

July 27, 2016  • Homeland Security Program

Watch the full conversation with US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

In a candid conversation at the 2016 Aspen Security Forum, US Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson spoke about the new style of terrorist attacks, the importance of improving relations with Muslim communities in the US, and more.

Read below for highlights from on and off the stage.

The new style of terrorist attacks in the US and Europe:

“[Terrorism] is becoming increasingly complex.”

Johnson described three types of terrorist attacks:

  1. Terrorist-inspired attacks
  2. Terrorist-validated attacks
  3. Terrorist-enabled attacks

“The thing that most keeps me up at night is the next Orlando, San Bernadino type attack by someone who has radicalized in secret. I believe that we’re going to be at this for a while, addressing these types of events.”
— -US Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson

Muslim communities in the US:

“My public service is the thing I’m most proud of.”