Racial Equity

Latino-Driven Solutions and Community Resilience in a Time of Crisis

August 13, 2020  • Aspen Community Programs

“We are all in this together” was a phrase often heard as the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the nation, however it has exposed inequities in health, housing, and education that Latinx communities have long faced in the US. Why are Latinos so disproportionately impacted by this crisis? What can we do to address these fundamental problems of human welfare? Join us as UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative Executive Director Sonja Diaz, Latino Community Foundation CEO Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, Voces Unidas Co-Founder Alex Sanchez, and Wilderness Workshop  Defiende Nuestra Tierra Director Beatriz Soto talk with incoming Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program Executive Director Domenika Lynch about the state of the Latinx community and who needs to be at the table as recovery efforts ensue. The panel will also discuss recent efforts in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley to activate the Latinx community to become the architects of solutions and drivers of change.