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Marie Mora on Giving Latinos Access to Capital

February 21, 2018  • Economic Opportunities Program & Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program OLD

Marie Mora (Professor of Economics and Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) shares the reality of Latino entrepreneurs and the challenges they face in starting and running a business.

This clip is from our event, “Drivers of Opportunity: How Will Latinos Shape the Future of the American Dream?” In the coming decades, the success of the US economy will become increasingly tied to the success of Latino Americans. With 58 million Latinos in the US today and projections of population growth in the years to come, Latino workers, consumers, and business owners will shape the present and future of the US economy. How can we secure economic stability and mobility for Latino workers, families, and communities? What policies, practices, or strategies could help to improve job quality, increase skills and access to high-quality jobs, and expand business ownership opportunities?

The Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program and the Latinos and Society Program invite you to watch “Drivers of Opportunity: How Will Latinos Shape the Future of the American Dream?” This event was presented as part of EOP’s Working in America event series and AILAS’s Latino Economic Advancement series. Learn more at as.pn/latinosandwork.

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.@Marietmora of @utrgv explains how Latino entrepreneurs do not have access to the same capital as non-Latino business owners. #talkgoodjobs @AspenLatinos