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Peace after Gaza: A New Framework for a Changing Landscape

September 15, 2014


Dr. Salam Fayyad, former prime minister, Palestinian Authority and distinguished statesman, the Atlantic Council

Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, The United Nations

In conversation with:
Walter Isaacson, president and CEO, the Aspen Institute

The discussion assesses the current avenues for re-engagement and the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the wake of the Gaza conflict and in the context of the broader strategic landscape of the region. The conversation touches on not only the short term issues such as relief and recovery, but also the broader landscape for moving beyond a ceasefire to a lasting framework for stability that recognizes the ceasefire as an opportunity, not a certainty. This conversation engages all the stakeholders to move beyond the immediacy of the ceasefire to the broader concerns of relief, recovery, and redevelopment with attention to the critical security needs of Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, and the importance of building a pathway for pluralism.