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Post-2015 Development Agenda: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights- Fundamental Human Rights, Drivers of Progress

September 30, 2014

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are fundamental human rights. They also drive progress towards a broad range of sustainable development goals, including poverty eradication, food security, gender equality, climate change mitigation, economic empowerment, among so many others. Join leaders from around the globe as we galvanize our resolve to put sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, the human rights of women and girls, and the participation of young people at the center of the development agenda.

This event is sponsored by the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health in partnership with High-Level Task Force for ICPD, United Nations Foundation, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Philippines to the United Nations, the permanent Mission of Uruguay to the United Nations, and the Permanent Mission of Zambia to the United Nations.