K-12 Education

The Power of Play

July 24, 2022  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

“I pledge to ensure that there is safe and healthy play in 7,000 schools, reaching 3.5 million kids in the United States, by December, 2020.” – Jill Vialet, CEO and Founder of Playworks, 2018 Action Pledge

Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow Jill Vialet founded Playworks on the theory that, through valuable play, kids learn to make friends, solve problems, and believe in themselves, every day. At the 2018 Action Forum, Jill made the audacious Action Pledge above to propel the importance play forward.

In 2019, we caught up with Jill to see the progress she has made so far – and it looks like her work towards this goal is off to an incredible start. Watch the video above to learn more.