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Principled Pluralism: The Challenges and Opportunities of America’s Religious Diversity

May 30, 2014

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, and American society becomes increasingly diverse, we more frequently come into contact with people who have deeply held religious beliefs that differ from our own. Substantive disagreements between people of different faiths—and between people within the same general faith tradition—exist, and no amount of missionary activity or interfaith dialogue will erase them. How we manage these substantive disagreements will increasingly affect the well-being of our local communities and our nation. 

In what ways is religious diversity a challenge, and in what ways is it an opportunity? What are some of the potential benefits and pitfalls of interfaith engagement? This moderated panel discussion will showcase Evangelical and Roman Catholic perspectives on this subject, with a particular focus on higher education.


Alec Hill, President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA
S. Alan Ray, President, Elmhurst College
Philip G. Ryken, President, Wheaton College


Joseph DeMott, Project Manager, Justice & Society Program, Aspen Institute