Racial Equity

The Race Card Project: Say What?

June 29, 2014  • The Bridge

Ever wonder what America’s hidden conversation about race sounds like? Michele Norris has attempted to tap into that private discourse through her Peabody-award-winning exercise called The Race Card Project where thousands of people from all over the world have submitted Six Word essays on Race and Cultural identity. Each of those microscopic essays represents someone’s attempt to distill their thoughts, observations, experiences, or views about race or cultural identity into one sentence with just six words. Some are funny. Many are painful. Some might make you nod in agreement, while others could cause you to squirm with discomfort. All of them will make you think and imagine life as lived by someone else.

Speakers: Jeffrey Goldberg, Angelica V. Hernandez, Mark Oppenheimer, Anand Giridharadas, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Gwen Ifill
Moderated by Michele Norris – Director, The Race Card Project