Free Speech and Religion

The Covid-19 Interfaith Call to Leadership

May 14, 2020  • Religion & Society Program


Moments of crisis can highlight our interconnectedness, but they can also illuminate and reinforce existing schisms. This pandemic raises moral and social questions that are already straining our society. If we do nothing, Covid-19 will accelerate vitriol, division and paralysis. If, however, we make common cause with our neighbors who are politically, religiously, or demographically different from ourselves, that vitriol will be met with shining examples of local responsibility and shared leadership. In many communities, faith leaders are at the forefront of this local response. They lead collections of people who are the joiners, donors, leaders, and volunteers that make local communities thrive. In this webinar, we heard how a Rabbi and a Pastor are working to lead their own congregations while also leading in their broader communities. They offered reflections on the shared leadership we will all need to move forward from this crisis.

This panel was moderated by Inclusive America Project Director Zeenat Rahman and included participation from Rabbi Michael Holzman of the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation and Pastor Bob Roberts of NorthWood Church.

Free Speech and Religion
The COVID Interfaith Call
May 7, 2020 • Rabbi Michael G. Holzman