The Fog of War: How Do You Know What to Believe

June 29, 2022  • Aspen Ideas Festival

Propaganda and disinformation go back thousands of years. But never have the tools been as effective when it comes to this vital weapon of war. From deep fakes to cheap fakes, platform bans to cyberattacks, there is an arms race to deceive and debunk events on the ground around Russia’s war on Ukraine and the global response. In this session, those on the front line of examining the variety of images and videos and the experts on the tactics to win hearts and minds explore the very nature of trust in this new era.


Yuliya Tychkivska, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Kyiv
Vivian Schiller, Executive Director, Aspen Digital, Aspen Institute
Chris Krebs, Co-Chair, Aspen Cybersecurity Group, Aspen Institute; Founding Partner, Krebs Stamos Group
Christo Grozev, CEO and Lead Investigator, Bellingcat