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The Future of Work: Maintaining Career Goals in a time of Turmoil

October 8, 2020  • Socrates Program

2020 has featured lots of ducks and turns that have completely upended the economy and the future of work and leadership. Be that as it may, many are trying to figure out how to plan for their next roles amid remote hiring processes. How we utilize this disruption to energize our career goals is a question to which many career coaches and job seekers are seeking answers. Chaka Booker, a leading thinker on these issues has spent that last two decades creating hiring process, identifying and developing talent from a range of industries. He has compiled his lessons learned into two books, The Empowered Candidate, and Mastering the Hire, covering his expertise from both sides of the hiring spectrum.

Chaka Booker was joined byt he Aspen Institute’s Cordell Carter as they discussedthe newfound possibilities and challenges that face America’s workers and leaders.

You can revisit the conversation by watching the video. If you are interested in learning more about Chaka Booker and the work of the Broad Center, you can reach out to him here. Mr. Booker’s books, the Empowered Candidate, and Mastering the Hire, can be found on Amazon.