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The Great Resignation & The Future of Worker Power

December 1, 2021  • Business and Society Program

The Great Resignation. Striketober. The Facebook Whistleblower. Netflix Walkouts. Time and again, U.S. workers have been the key actors in news headlines this fall. Worker actions have taken a stunning diversity of shapes, from traditional strikes, to Congressional testimony, to quitting jobs by the millions. After decades in decline, could this be an inflection point for worker power in the U.S.?

This webinar offers a deeper look at these headlines, exploring how class, race, gender and occupation translate to very different opportunities for workers to have their voices heard. What differences, similarities, and opportunities for collaboration do they pose? The central question we ask is: What would it take for these diverse manifestations to add up to empowerment of U.S. worker voice that will last beyond 2021?

Featured speakers:
• Mahlet Getachew, Managing Director, Corporate Racial Equity at PolicyLink
• Dania Rajendra, Director at Athena
• Cydney Roach, Global Chair, Employee Experience at Edelman

Moderated by Scott Tong, Co-Host of NPR & WBUR’s Here & Now