Employment and Jobs

Webinar: Expanding inclusive development through employee ownership in opportunity zones

November 26, 2018  • Economic Opportunities Program

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The Opportunity Zone tax incentives have created deep interest in how investments in high-poverty regions can address the longstanding issues in those communities. Expanding the ability of employees to have an ownership stake in the firms where they work – through structures such as employee stock ownership plans – is a demonstrated way to create quality jobs and increase employee wealth. These outcomes are clearly consistent with the intent of the Opportunity Zone program – but can Opportunity Funds be a vehicle for expanding employee ownership?

This webinar explores:

  • The role of employee ownership in creating quality jobs and building wealth for workers;
  • The potential and capacities needed to convert existing firms to employee ownership;
  • How the intent and current regulatory structure of Opportunity Zones match – or don’t match – with investment in conversions to employee ownership.

If your organization has been thinking about whether and how Opportunity Zones might achieve the goals of economic transformation in communities that have been left out of American prosperity, we invite you to watch and learn why employee ownership is a central part of an inclusive development strategy.


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Employment and Jobs
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