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Win/Win: Making the Case for Employer Talent Development

April 25, 2016  • UpSkill America

One year ago, employers and education, training and development leaders from across the country gathered at the White House Upskilling Summit to discuss how to do more to develop the skills of frontline workers. Since that time, a tremendous amount of work has been done to equip frontline workers with the skills they need to advance in the workplace. Leading employers and their partners reflect on the work that has been done to date, look at work just beginning, and learn about the return one company is receiving on its investment in tuition assistance.

On behalf of Lumina Foundation, UpSkill America and the Business Champions for Adult Credential Completion, we hope you enjoy this webcast highlighting the contributions of employers to US talent needs. This session brings together employers with governmental, policy and academic leaders to discuss how employers are working to elevate the skills and education of incumbent workers.

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Employment and Jobs
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