Aspen Institute Publications

Aspen Institute publications are listed below. Many are available for purchase through Google Checkout, a secure system for handling credit card transaction online. For assistance with ordering publications, please contact our Publications office by email or by phone at (410) 820.5326. Please note: Orders are shipped two times a week from our warehouse in Queenstown, MD, on the Eastern Shore.

Review of Selected High School Reform Strategies

Identifies five approaches to high school reform and evidence on their respective effects on students' academic achievement.

Strong Foundation, Evolving Challenges

A Case Study to Support Leadership Transition in the Boston Public Schools.

Task of Transformation: The American High School in the New Century

Summarizes the outcome of the first Aspen Workshop on the American High School, held in July 2000.

Tools for Teachers: Implementing Key Shifts in the Common Core State Standards

These six professional development modules are designed to meet the needs of teachers, schools, and districts working to make the key instructional shifts in the CCSS for ELA & Literacy. Each module comes with a PowerPoint presentation and facilitator's guide designed for PD instructors, as well as a suite of supplemental exemplars, worksheets, and other resources.


Transforming American High Schools: Early Lessons and New Challenges

Overview of the conclusions and recommendations of three Aspen workshops.

Transforming the American High School: New Directions for State and Local Policy

At a time when high schools must be pathways to college for all students, they are pathways to nowhere for many.