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Messaging Guide: Making the Case for Learning & Employment Records with Employers

April 23, 2024  • Haley Glover

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Over the last year, UpSkill America has held dozens of conversations and interviews with employers on the topic of skills first approaches and specifically, employers’ awareness, understanding, and challenges with Learning and Employment Records (LERs). While there is still much to learn about the impacts of these tools, and an ever-increasing pace of change in the skills-based movement, we share this guide to support the field’s efforts to better engage employers in the design, development, and deployment of LERs.

A messaging guide can be a powerful tool to ensure your communications are consistent, clear, and targeted. This guide is designed to:

  • Empower the stakeholders, including government, academic, and technical leaders who are developing and advocating for LER solutions, to communicate clearly and consistently about their tools and the value of these innovations.
  • Enable more effective engagement of employers in LER pilots and expansion projects, particularly relating to skills-based hiring and talent management.
  • Support employer involvement in discussions about LERs, the design and development of these tools, and integration with existing policies, practices, and processes.

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