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13 in ’13: The Most Viewed Institute Posts of the Year

December 31, 2013

As we close out an eventful year, there’s just enough time to release one last ‘best of’ post. The Aspen Idea blog covers some of the biggest issues and events the Institute has been involved in, and we’ve seen an increase in readership thanks to our loyal audience. To commemorate our year in the blogosphere, scroll down and check out the 13 most clicked-on posts of 2013.

#13 How Preventing Food Waste Can Help with Food Security

#12 World Channel Covers 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival

#11 Gen. McChrystal Calls for Universal National Service in “The Wall Street Journal”

#10 On the 50th Anniversary, the Living Legacy of “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

#9 The Institute and Public Theater Hold Star-Studded Shakespearean Debates

#8 Watch Aspen-calibre Conversations in the Comfort of your Own Home

#7 Aspen Italia Vice President Named Prime Minister of Italy

#6 Big Data and the Nonprofit Sector

#5 “TIME” magazine Features National Service and the Institute’s Franklin Project

#4 Robert Reich Discusses New Documentary on Income Inequality

#3 Summer Reading for the Aspen Ideas Festival

#2 Our Favorite Books of 2013

#1 The Aspen Prize: Awarding Top Community Colleges

Do you have a favorite post from us that wasn’t listed? Share the link in the comments section, below.