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March 14, 2013  • Henry Crown Fellows Newsletter

Brian Trelstad, whose Crown Project is to raise a US focused impact investment fund, has joined Bridges Ventures as their first partner in the US to pursue that ambition.  Bridges Ventures is a successful UK fund manager founded by Sir Ronald Cohen in 2002 that has invested $450M in high-growth, high-impact businesses that are located in or serve underserved communities in the UK.  As Brian started to scope out his fund strategy in the US, he connected with Bridges, who was exploring entering the US market, and they decided to join forces.  They are still in the quiet phase of fundraising, but have found that the idea of a national fund working across multiple thematic areas (health and wellness, education and skills and sustainable living) has struck a chord with many entrepreneurs who are looking for mission aligned capital to grow their businesses. 

Stephen Gillett has taken on a new role as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Symantec.  At Symantec, his initial responsibilities will include marketing, communications, and the IT function.  Stephen and his family have moved to the Bay Area and are enjoying the California winter! Click here to read more about Stephen’s new role at Symantec.

NT Etuk was featured on Capitalize On It on CNBC.  Watch the video featuring NT and DimensionU here.