Alabama Pre-AP Training and Incentive Program

January 19, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

A+ College Ready, a non-profit organization is seeking funds to implement a Pre-AP Training and Incentive Program (Pre-APTIP) partnering with Laying the Foundation, Inc. (LTF), a non-profit that provides a comprehensive teacher training program to prepare students for the rigor of Advanced Placement and other college level courses. Pre-APTIP activities include: Pre-AP teacher training in LTF; administrator orientation; purchase of equipment and materials needed to implement LTF lessons; measurement and testing for students and teachers; “train the trainer” mentoring and vertical teaming and incentives for teachers and schools.

The Pre-APTIP program will be implemented in 43 Alabama high schools and 70 middle schools. With a benchmark of increasing enrollment to 50% of the student population by year three, we will enroll a total of 88,400 students in Pre-AP courses taught by 931 LTF certified teachers and will accomplish the following: increase teacher effectiveness; increase student achievement; increase AP enrollment especially in under-represented groups; decrease the achievement gap among sub-groups and achieve college readiness benchmarks, ultimately increasing college enrollment and completion rates.

The Pre-APTIP program significantly enhances APTIP by building a pipeline of students who have the necessary skills to succeed at the AP level. LTF is currently being implemented in the six states helping to identify effective teachers and building a cadre of LTF trainers within each state. The LTF model is designed to work in partnership with state affiliates to ensure the LTF program maintains its high quality and rigor, is sustainable over time and is nationally scalable.

To learn more, contact Mary Boehm.