Sports & Society

Sports in the Public Interest

The Sports & Society Program occupies a unique place in the landscape of sports. Its mission is to convene leaders, foster dialogue, and inspire solutions that help sport serve the public interest. Since 2011, the program has provided a venue where thought leadership and breakthrough strategies can be developed on a range of opportunities, from building healthy communities through sports to rethinking the model for college athlete pay.

We serve as an honest broker of ideas, sourced from the thousands of leaders, organizations and athletes who have engaged with our work. We produce events, reports and research that shape important conversations and help mobilize stakeholders for action, in the U.S. and other countries. Our signature initiatives are Project Play and the Future of Sports series.

What They Said

"We are proud & excited to have partnered with the Aspen Institute to create a State of Play report for Oakland."
— NBA star Stephen Curry