Amanecer (Daybreak) by Gabriela Mistral: Reading and meditation

June 27, 2020  • Lori Severens

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Daybreak, Amanecer (Daybreak)


Waking up to a morning cooled by a night’s rain is a welcome reprieve from days of heat and humidity. It feels precious, a moment to breathe before I plunge into the day ahead.

Mistral greets the new day breathless, ready to sing. How do you greet today? Are you grateful for the grace the universe has given you? Or are there other things on your mind – worries at home or the injustice on our doorsteps?

Where, deep inside, do you find the joy, courage, or passion for whatever the day brings? What tools do you gather? Who stands by your side?

Lori Severens, Takoma Park, Maryland

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