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Latinos’ Civic Engagement in 2016 and Beyond

February 22, 2016  • Aspen Institute Staff

This past week Aspen Institute Radio featured highlights of conversations on Latinos’ civic engagement, tackle football’s future, and artist-in-residence Cameron Carpenter’s take on the value of organ music.

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Unlocking the Civic Potential of Latinos in 2016 and Beyond

How do we, as a society, unleash the civic potential of Latinos in the United States? Learn about a comprehensive vision to encourage the nation’s fastest growing demographic to participate more fully in our democracy at an Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program discussion on its recently released report, “Unlocking Latino Civic Potential: 2016 and Beyond.”

The Refugee Crisis and the Responsibility of Nations: A Test of Global Conscience

The plight of Syrian and other refugees fleeing conflicts raging in the Middle East pulls at the conscience of the world, but responses within European receiving nations — and potential receiving nations like the US — have been uneven, punctuated by fear and nativism. Nations have a responsibility to protect civilians in wartime, but what are the parameters of that responsibility, and what happens when those efforts fail — is there an obligation to resettle? To repatriate? In the current political climate, what are the prospects for a just, humane, and practical resolution of the crisis?

Musician Cameron Carpenter in Conversation with Damian Woetzel

At the opening of his 2016 North American tour, Harman-Eisner Artist in Residence Cameron Carpenter spoke with Aspen Institute Arts Program Director Damian Woetzel in San Francisco at SFJAZZ’s Miner Auditorium. They discussed Carpenter’s one-of-a-kind International Touring Organ, his take on the history and value of the organ and organ music, and the new touring education initiative he piloted at SFJAZZ and hopes to bring to as many venues that he performs in as possible.

At What Age Should Children Play Tackle Football?

How can football best serve the interests of children, communities, and public health? America faces an epidemic of physical inactivity, with a need to get and keep children active in sports; yet, concerns have grown about the health and safety risks of playing the collision sport of football. Carried live by C-SPAN, the Aspen Institute Sports & Society panel of 33 doctors, researchers, athletes, administrators, journalists, and football industry representatives considered the state of youth and high school football, potential reforms, and the role of professional football.