Identity and Equity

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Speaks on Justice, Diversity, and Shining a Light on Ourselves and Each Other

July 1, 2016  • John Stokes, TrackMaven

(Photo Credit: Daniel Bayer/The Aspen Institute)

(Photo Credit: Daniel Bayer/The Aspen Institute)

This morning, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and journalist Jonathan Capehart sat down to discuss some of the toughest issues the United States faces toward the end of the Obama administration. Lynch made it clear that she and the Obama administration would continue to strive to meet those issues head on, including the relationship between law enforcement and their communities to transgender rights.

Lynch urged communicating about subjects like transgender rights, as it puts the spotlight on who these people are instead of casting them in invisibility.

Shining a light on one’s true self is what diversity is all about, says Lynch.

Lynch’s notion of shining a light leading to acceptance of diversity applies to law enforcement and communities as well. Why do communities struggle with law enforcement? There’s no connection:

Effective law enforcement is rooted in acceptance and seeing eye-to-eye:

As a prosecutor, Lynch views her role as a protector of the people. In her role as Attorney General, her belief is that everyone be extended those protections, no matter who they are.

That’s justice — it’s the process that gives the people those protections.

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