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John Bridgeland and Victor W. Hwang: To Boost Economic Growth, Support Entrepreneurs

December 16, 2019  • Victor W. Hwang & John Bridgeland

In PBS NewsHour, Future of Work Initiative Co-Chair John Bridgeland and Victor W. Hwang of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation explore opportunities to promote entrepreneurship in the U.S. Read an excerpt below. 

There is a hole at the center of our economic debate where hope should be.

Heading into a presidential election year, we are a nation divided, looking for solutions. Some prioritize the protection of jobs from global competition. Others talk about addressing income inequality, while others emphasize overall economic growth.

Hiding in plain sight is a vast opportunity to unite our nation and grow our economy. However, few leaders on the national stage even mention the essential American calling of starting a business, and how it could change lives and communities for the better. Few understand that it is the age, not the size, of a business that matters – since new businesses, not small or big businesses, account for nearly all net new job creation in the U.S. Fewer leaders still propose new ideas to spread entrepreneurship broadly and fairly in our country.

This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for political candidates at all levels.

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