Native American Issues

Center Attends the President’s Job Speech Viewing

September 9, 2011

On September 8th the Center, along with 100 young high school and college students from across the Nation, attended President Obama’s Jobs Speech viewing and participated in a live “Open for Questions” event. Young Americans were invited by the White House’s Office of Public Engagement to come together and watch the President’s speech describing the benefits of the American Jobs Act to Congress and the American people. After the speech, a panelist of White House executives answered live questions from the young audience, Twitter participants, and email messages.

Key questions from the young audience addressed the importance of the quality of teachers versus quantity; the economic cost of the American Jobs Act; how the act will help young Americans find jobs after college; and how will young people beneift from this proposed act. To Watch the President’s Job Speech and find information about how the panelists answered questions from youth, visit the White House website by clicking here.

**Special Thanks to the White House Office of Public Engagement for inviting the Center for Native American Youth to participate.