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Consortium for Human Capital Management Data Systems (HCMDS)

January 19, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

The Consortium for Human Capital Management Data Systems (HCMDS) collaborative initiative will focus on increasing the quality and capacity of educators as a means to improve student achievement and enhance professional growth. The initiative draws together: a) A diverse group of school districts including Albemarle County Public Schools (VA), Jefferson County Public Schools (KY), and Newark Public Schools (NJ) as sites for initial implementation and evaluation; b) the University of Virginia, an academic partner with validated, scalable tools for observational assessment of teacher performance and professional development shown in randomized trials to improve teacher performance and student achievement; c) SchoolNet, a private sector leader in developing functional software platforms for the management of educational data and decision-making; and d) an external, independent evaluator with experience in rigorous approaches to studying impacts of educational innovation.

The goal of the proposed project is to improve student achievement by increasing the number of highly effective teachers. Consortium partners propose to achieve this goal using a comprehensive, integrated HCMDS linking multiple measures of teacher effectiveness, including student growth, to foster informed, strategic decisions across each key phase of the human capital process. The project objectives and expected outcomes are to: 1) Expand, implement, evaluate HCMDS in 3 diverse school districts; 2) Demonstrate that the HCMDS produces significant positive increments in teacher effectiveness and growth in student achievement; 3) Deliver a scalable, fully-evaluated HCMDS model for the field.

To learn more, contact Bruce Benson.