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Vocab Videos by A-List Education

January 19, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

Vocab Videos is being developed by A-List Education as a multi-media tool to overcome the difficulties many students experience increasing vocabulary and improving reading comprehension skills.

Our online, cost-effective subscription platform features comedic short videos that illustrate the meanings of high value words and offers a suite of digital tools designed to promote broad-based learning. Components for teachers and school administrators enable them to track individual and group performance as well as to create customized study programs.

The professionally produced videos showcase entertaining characters and gripping storylines — often parodies of popular TV shows — to effectively connect students with the material. Studies confirm that the auditory and visual cues found in video content make it a highly effective learning medium. Interactive digital quizzes, worksheets, and games provide powerful methods of reinforcing the content. Students can also create their own digital flashcards with images and videos to cover any words or subject matter they choose.

Our branded contests further drive student interaction by challenging them to create their own vocab videos while also attracting top creative talent to produce additional content.

While teachers and students across the country are already using Vocab Videos, extensive pilot programs are planned with the New York City DOE and organizations like the Harlem Children’s Zone to measure the system’s impact.

Vocab Videos currently covers 500 high school-level words but further development is planned for grades 3-12 and ESL audiences. The system is extremely flexible and appropriate for both high-achieving students and for intervention/remedial work.

To learn more, contact Ed Smallwood.