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WATCH: Jacob Lew, David Leonhardt Discuss US Debt Ceiling Issues at Ideas Festival

September 23, 2013

As US spending approaches its debt ceiling, the country faces yet another possibility of the federal government shutting down. Over the past few months, the Aspen Institute has held several events and discussions related to national spending and the current state of the economy. To gain further insight into a few of the issues under debate, see below. 

During the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival, New York Times Washington Bureau Chief David Leonhardt discussed his e-book “Here’s the Deal,” which explains the state of the US economy, its issues and possible solutions.

In March 2013, Leonhardt delved into health care spending, which he calls the “lion’s share” of the country’s deficit.

During the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival, US Department of Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was optimistic about the US economy’s trajectory, but cautioned politicians in Washington against implementing harmful economic policies he called “self-inflicted wounds.”

To view more videos and see the full sessions of these talks, visit the Institute’s YouTube page.