European Advocacy / Capacity Building / Media Partnerships

November 16, 2012

Europeans Are Just a Tiny Bit Different

In a new report published earlier this week, the folks at Grantcraft explore the nuances of funding and conducting advocacy in the European Union.  While there has been a tendency to concentrate most advocacy activities on the institutions in Brussels, the report very nicely covers the unique philanthropic environments across Europe.  And let’s not forget the similarities to US advocacy—on theories of policy change, evaluation challenges, etc.  Similar yet different.  Sounds about right.

Understanding (and Measuring) Advocacy Capacity

When working with clients to plan for their advocacy campaigns, we always tell them this: building capacity is as important as working directly toward policy change.  Alliance for Justice will unpack this and other crucial insights in a free webinar on advocacy capacity assessment and evaluation on December 4th.  That’s right: gratis…gratuit…kostenlos.  Free stuff, it’s a good thing.

On Media Partnerships

We think a lot about ways to evaluate media initiatives designed to influence people’s attitudes and behaviors toward a particular issue.  Needless to say, we are constantly looking out for cool tools and frameworks to help us brainstorm.  One of these is the National Center for Media Engagement‘s “spectrum of community engagement.”  This tool connects media producers, their civil society partners, and the audiences receiving all that information.  When it comes to complex efforts, maps to make sense of it all can help.