Improving Student Achievement for English Language Learners and Turning Around Persistently Low-Performing High Schools

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

Internationals Network proposes to reconstitute high schools that are being phased out by the NYC DOE; deliver a targeted intervention in 16 of the lowest-performing schools in NYC by providing professional development to teachers to help improve student achievement and help prevent phase-out; and build a Community of Practice to foster sharing of best practices for English language learners among the NYC high schools, as well as the additional 60 high schools currently supported by Internationals and our partner, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), across the nation. NCLR will also leverage its vast network of over 300 affiliates across the U.S. and deploy its national staff to disseminate best practices for educating ELLs in a variety of online and in-person forums. We are pursuing an ambitious growth plan, engaging in four strategic priorities to further implement and expand upon our mission. We seek philanthropic and advocacy partners so we may: 1.Support our existing network of 14 schools as exemplars, model dissemination hubs, and centers of innovation 2. Open new schools in NYC and 2-3 new regions across the US 3.Disseminate our model to schools throughout the country by providing services and engaging practitioners outside our network in a Community of Practice. 4.Create the policy conditions conducive to transforming high school services and supports for ELLs through advocacy at the state and national levels. We will rapidly disseminate core structures and elements of our proven and highly successful model to schools and districts across the country, serving 40,000 students.

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