Community Colleges

Lessons from the Aspen Prize & CBD

October 3, 2014

Selection Committee member and Site Vistor Dr. Rob Johnstone discusses the ways that CEP’s work on the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence can be synthesized with the CBD model to find aspects that can be seen as the “best-in-breed” regarding the community college sector. Read the blog post here.

Rob Johnstone is the Founder and President of the National Center for Inquiry & Improvement (NCII), which he recently created to provide professional services focusing on the use of applied inquiry to create structures and processes that achieve improved outcomes. Operating at every stage of the inquiry to improvement continuum, NCII assists colleges and other organizations as they move through identifying key pain points, developing research questions, collecting and analyzing data, translating data into information, knowledge, and insight, and most importantly, the last two stages of transitioning from insight to strategy & action, and providing guidance through implementation.  He has worked on many prominent national higher education improvement initiatives, including Completion by Design, the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, Achieving the Dream, Carnegie’s Statway / Quantway, The Education Trust’s Access to Success, and The RP Group’s Bridging Research, Information & Culture (BRIC).