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Making the Most of Industry Events: A Comprehensive Guide

March 19, 2024  • Emily Prettyman, Redwood Climate Communications ('23 Future Leader), Jessica Harrington, Redwood Climate Communications ('23 Future Leader) & Keely McNeme, Redwood Climate Communications ('24 Future Leader)

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As  Aspen Ideas: Climate  approaches, the 2024 Aspen Future Leaders cohort is preparing  to kick off with its Future Leaders Summit. With so much in store, young leaders should prepare for this valuable opportunity to engage with industry professionals at the cusp of climate innovation to make the most of the event. 

This guide, Making the most of industry events, was written by 2023 Aspen Future Leaders Emily Prettyman, Jessica Harrington, and 2024 Aspen Future Leader, Keely McNeme from Redwood Climate Communications. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, this guide will equip young leaders with essential strategies to navigate the event landscape effectively. 

Aspen Ideas: Climate is a confluence of thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Making the most of this opportunity means preparing and understanding what you are looking to get out of the event. Whether your goal is to deepen your knowledge, expand your network, or find a co-founder for your next project, identifying your objectives early on will guide your time and energy for the duration of the event.

Advance preparation is your blueprint for success. Familiarize yourself with the event agenda, speakers, and attendees. This not only helps you craft a personalized schedule but also allows you to target networking opportunities and plan your interactions. Crafting an elevator pitch – a 30-second statement encapsulating your unique value proposition – will enable you to engage meaningfully with peers and influencers alike.

But the journey doesn’t end when the event does. Thoughtful follow-ups with new connections can seed future collaborations. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback for the organizers or wish to get involved further. Your insights and eagerness to contribute can make next year’s event even more impactful.

Aspen Ideas: Climate is a fertile ground for growth, learning, and connection. With the right mindset and preparation, you can transform this event into a pivotal moment in your climate leadership journey. 

This guide aims to serve as your compass for navigating Aspen Ideas: Climate and other industry events and as a reminder of the impact you can have when you approach such gatherings with intention, preparation, and openness to new ideas. For additional climate career resources, visit College to Climate, co-founded by co-author of this guide, Jessica Harrington.