Family Finances

Climate Leaders on Financial Security-Victor Inuk Gavilanes and Rosazlia Grillier

March 18, 2024  • Financial Security Program

In this video, Joanna Smith Ramani, interviews two members of Aspen FSP’s Community Advisory Group (CAG): Rosazlia “Ms. Rose” Grillier and Victor Inuk Gavilanes. Aspen FSP established the Community Advisory Group (CAG) in December 2021 to contribute insights relevant across FSP’s portfolio of issues and ground-level leadership to shaping how FSP understands financial security challenges and help scale effective, responsive solutions. The conversation centers the daily impacts of climate events on families and communities that have historically been excluded. Ms. Rose and Victor highlight their personal experiences and community advocacy efforts aimed at addressing environmental justice issues in their communities. They emphasize the power of optimism, cross-sector collaboration and intentional community leadership in creating meaningful and modernized solutions.