Person-Centered Insights

Aspen FSP takes a broadly informed approach to research. One of our key principles is that empirical evidence and personal experience both provide valuable and essential information. In order to operationalize this principle, Aspen FSP leads a set of person-centered research initiatives to generate actionable insights for improving the financial security of families in the U.S.

These insights are built through cross-sector partnerships that illuminate the needs and experiences of financially insecure workers, consumers, and households through data-driven and qualitative research. In addition, FSP convenes the Community Advisory Group, composed of leaders from around the country to provide deep, ongoing feedback and direction driven by their experience of financial insecurity. The lessons drawn from these efforts:

  1. Serve as a foundation to refine the way we, and other leaders in the financial security field, think about  and prioritize the financial challenges facing people in the U.S. today and in the future; and 
  2. Inform the development of policy and market solutions grounded in the perspective of people directly or the organizations (public, private, or nonprofit) that serve them.

Aspen FSP’s work on person-centered insights is made possible through funding from Citi, JPMorgan Chase & Co., the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Prudential Financial, Wells Fargo, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Community Advisory Group

Core to Aspen FSP’s theory of change is that for policies advancing financial security to reflect the experiences and needs of the people being impacted, those people need power and influence over how those policies are designed, delivered, and evaluated. To ensure those voices are included throughout Aspen FSP’s issue portfolio, Aspen FSP has established the Community Advisory Group (CAG) to inform the research, activities, and publications of the program.

The group is composed of 6 leaders with direct experience of financial insecurity and would be most impacted by changes to policies or market practices who contribute ground-level leadership to shaping how Aspen FSP understands the conditions it is working to change to develop effective, responsive solutions.

Insights Collaborators

Aspen FSP works with a wide range of collaborators, including the members of our Consumer Insights Collaborative, that have unique data assets and insights about the financial lives of people living in the U.S., including nonprofit service providers, research institutions, movement-based organizations, for-profit companies, and other experts–including people with lived experience of financial insecurity–to help shape policy, program, and product design to improve family financial security in the U.S.

Past and current insights collaborators include: AARP Public Policy Institute, Change Machine, Code for America, Commonwealth, Inclusiv, Jain Family Institute, JPMorgan Chase Institute, LIFT, Mission Asset Fund, MyPath, Neighborhood Trust, Propel, SaverLife, Springboard to Opportunities, UpTogether, and WorkRise.