Inclusive Saving and Investing

We believe a future of equitable wealth requires an inclusive saving and investing system – one that offers the rates of return provided by powerful capital markets to everyone in America, no matter who they are, where they work, or how they are paid. We aim to spark and scale bold policy and market solutions for saving and investing that can provide both financial stability and pathways to meaningful wealth across the lifespan, from young adulthood through retirement.

Through convenings, research, and innovative partnerships, the Inclusive Saving and Investing Initiative at the Aspen Financial Security Program supports a dynamic community of policy and market leaders as we pursue shared impact goals in pursuit of a holistic savings system:

  1. Investing in Rising Generations: Pursue market and policy changes that leverage the power of compound growth rates from early in life to provide young adults with meaningful sums to make critical life investments.
  2. Emergency Savings: Ensure that all households have well-designed, automatic tools to build a financial cushion to handle financial shocks and create the financial stability necessary for wealth-building.
  3. Retirement Savings: Redesign America’s defined contribution system for the future of our economy by making retirement savings universally accessible, portable, equitable, and more effective throughout the household life cycle.

Aspen FSP’s work on Inclusive Saving and Investing is made possible through our funders. Visit our funders page to learn more.