Motion Math

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

New mobile technologies are transforming purchasing behavior and social interaction with massive international adoption. New gaming technologies continue to optimize player engagement, keeping users in sustained, pleasant frustration. At the intersection of these two developments, we see a huge opportunity to transform how children learn. To give students a deep sense of foundational concepts, Motion Math will create a series of game suites rooted in educational theory and connected with a data platform to allow real-time refinement and assessment. The company is first targeting global parent markets before focusing on the $7B U.S. K-12 school market for third-party content.

Motion Math’s first product, a fractions number line game, started as a Master’s project at the Stanford School of Education and launched on the Apple App Store in October 2010. The game has received critical acclaim, including a profile in the Wall Street Journal, the Startl Jury Award, and runner-up prizes for Most Innovative and Most Likely To Succeed from SIIA. The company is currently raising a seed round of $450K to produce a complete multi-platform game suite; Mike Wood, the founder of Leapfrog, wants to invest in the seed round and we are discussing terms.

Our founding team is grounded by teaching experience inside and outside the classroom; we combine this educational background with technical excellence in enterprise software platforms and award-winning rich media, and have personally developed the software behind our first product. We think this combination of skills is ideal for pioneering a new future of learning.

To learn more, contact Gabriel Adauto.