The National Math & Science Initiative’s Partnership to Increase Student Achievement and College-Readiness

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

NMSI’s Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program (APTIP) improves math and science education for public high school students, especially traditionally underrepresented students, by significantly enhancing the high school curriculum and increasing the number and diversity of students taking and passing College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams. APTIP uses the AP framework primarily as a means of providing high-quality math and science curriculums in schools that have not had strong STEM programs. There has been much controversy about the effect of taking AP courses and tests and receiving AP credit on college attendance and success, primarily because of confounding effects of self-selection, school characteristics, prior preparation, and the like. Most investigators would agree, however, that the effect of providing the program and curriculum to students who have traditionally not participated in, or even had access to, AP coursework can greatly improve college readiness and college success. In addition, APTIP offers incentives to provide motivation for students and their families to take on these challenging courses. APTIP is a comprehensive program that supports students and teachers by providing intensive teacher training, teacher and student support, vertical teaming, open and encouraged enrollment in AP courses, financial incentives based on academic achievement, specific and individualized annual achievement goals, and robust data collection to ensure accountability.

The goals of APTIP are to increase student achievement, college enrollment, and college completion. APTIP results show that even students who are not at the top of the class can (and want to!) succeed in advanced courses.

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