Our Experts’ Top Reads of 2012: Erin Bailey

December 26, 2012

American Indian Youth in Crisis: Tribes Grapple With a Suicide Emergency,” by Stephanie Woodard. Indian Country Today Media Network, October 10, 2012

This year a story was published as a partnership between Indian Country Today Media Network, and NBC detailing the tragic rate of suicide among young Native Americans. The article describes facts and risk factors for suicide in Indian Country and discusses gripping issues such as poverty, hunger, alcoholism, substance abuse, and domestic violence, while also sharing the perspective of Native American suicide prevention champions. The story provides an outline for why the Center for Native American Youth was created – these issues deserve more attention and more resources to ensure happy, healthy and successful future generations of First Americans.

Erin Bailey is director of the Center for Native American Youth . Learn more about Erin and her work at You can read other entries in this series here.