Personalized Learning in the 21st Century: The Panasonic Foundation Multi-State Network for High Standards and High Quality Assessments

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

We envision public schools that prepare all students for success in college and careers, have eliminated student achievement gaps; where virtual connections extend that learning off-campus at all hours; and where the school system is powerfully focused on the instructional core. Pursuing this vision calls for working in new ways, including the following:

  • –challenging perceptions held by administrators, teachers, parents, and students concerning all student’s potential for success in college and whether the links between race, poverty and student achievement are breakable;
  • –realigning district curriculum, instruction, and assessments to Common Core State Standards (CCSS);
  • –expanding systematically teacher and student capacity to become partners in learning and building their efficacy to reach higher expectations;
  • –helping parents effectively promote their children’s educational progress; and
  • –using technology to engage students in rigorous content and extend learning beyond school hours.

This vision will be pursued nationally by providing expert assistance in five high-need schools in each of four public school districts through these objectives and strategies:

  • Objective 1.0: Establish a culture of college and career readiness by promoting high expectations for all students for success in school and improving home-school connections around high expectations.
  • Objective 2.0: Establish aligned, standards-based, learning environments driven by CCSS, curriculum, and assessments.
  • Objective 3.0: Enhance student, staff, and adult learning through technologies.
  • Objective 4.0: Build district and school capacity and leadership to strategically support the development of principals and teachers.
  • Objective 5.0: Build student motivation, ownership, and leadership to persevere in an effort-based, rigorous academic program.

To learn more, contact Scott Thompson.